Zagdat Technology is a proprietary algorithm technology invented and owned by MSNI, Inc. Our Zagdat intelligence has many applications from Digital Listening, IP Validation to Social Media Marketing. Zagdat’s real-time email intelligence covers approximately 98% of the internet back bone. This includes 1.6 billion gross emails a day and over 36 billion a month and hundred of thousands of key word/brand intelligence.

Unique email delivery success records are 28 million per day and 850 million per month. Gross unique cookie hits processed are 750,000 – 1 Million+ per day and 20 to 30 million monthly. Meaning any product or service you need to market is scalable and is all done in real-time!

Using Zagdat Intelligence, some clients have seen up to a 30% increase in sales. This is a result of reaching targeted customers/prospects in real-time at the precise moment when those prospects are ready to make a buying decision for a like or similar offer.

MSNI’s Zagdat algorithms daily intelligence gives firms that advanced “lift” in their email validation performance, meaning less spam traps, higher deliverability rate and overall better response.

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