A. What is Zagdat Technology and who owns it?

Zagdat Techology is a proprietary real-time email validation technology that is owned by MSNI, Inc.  Zagdat intelligence enables firm’s to locate real-time pristine and aged spam tramps within their email databases. This is accomplished with a combination of MSNI’s proprietary algorithms and it’s real-time daily email intelligence of over 100 terabytes a day, covering approximately about 98% of the backbone traffic of the internet. For more information on our cutting edge technology go to our webpage of:


B. Are there volume discounts available for your email cleaning services?

Yes. Discounts are available based on the size of the file. Annual contract volume discounts are available too.


C. Can your firm use our API to upload our email data files to scrub?

Yes for a nominal fee, MSNI can integrate a firm’s own API for uploading their customer’s email files for cleansing.


D. Does your firm offer a service  where I can simply upload an email file to clean for myself through your website?

We will be offering this service in the near future. Currently, firm’s can do this using our FTP platform. Smaller files can simply be emailed to us.


E. What are your payment terms?

Prepayment is required on all email scrubbing jobs via check, bank wire, paypal or credit card payments on email scrubbing jobs (credits can be purchased) and via check and bank wire for Digital Listening/SmartConnect orders.


F. Typically what are your turn around times for an email cleaning jobs?

Most orders can be completed within 24-48 hours depending on the size of the file and the quality of the customer’s database.


G. Why is your email cleaning superior to all of the other products on the market?

With our proprietary Zagdat Technology consisting of over 100 terabytes of real-time algorithms intelligence daily, MSNI is able to see pristine and aged spam traps  in real-time covering approximately about 98% of the backbone of the internet.


H. How long have you been in business?

The founder of the company has been in the industry for 28 years and started his own database marketing firm 18 years ago. In other words, we know how to do marketing the right way.