How does a firm find the most accurate way to append an opt-in deliverable email address to their postal file? Through a combination of our SmartValidate service and using our 100 million+ Email/Postal Database.

SmartAppend scan’s any matched emails to a client’s postal file using MSNI’s real-time
SmartValidate service.

Once matched email’s have gone through our “real-time” SmartValidate service, SmartAppend then exports out the “net” opt-in email addresses to a client. This “real-time” service is based on over 100 terabytes of daily intelligence.

SmartAppend does not match emails to a client’s file using a stagnant and outdated email database like many other firms.

Email address deliverability changes on a daily basis regardless of how accurate a file maybe. To solve this problem and to provide real-time email intelligence during an appending process, all matched emails addresses are processed through our SmartValidate service before calculating the final “net” match quantity to a client’s postal file. Clients only pay for the emails that pass the “SmartValidate” process the “same day” of an email appending order.

This give clients superior results and the most clean and deliverable opt-in email address anywhere in the industry.

Average match rates are typically in the 20% to 30% range but could be higher.

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