SmartLinking enables firm’s to “link” with their Facebook and Social Media Fan Page Followers outside of the social environment.

How does SmartLinking work?

1. Firms provide SmartLinking with the Social ID’s/Handles of their Facebook and Twitter Fan Page Followers that have “Liked” them on their Fan Pages.

2. SmartLinking uploads the provided Social Handles from the firm and “links” them using its real-time Zagdat Technology to the following data elements:
A. An opt-in email address with a match rate in the 65-75%+ range.
B. Postal Data with demographics – match rate in the 25 to 30% range of initially matched email addresses.

3. Once Social Handles are “Linked”, SmartLinking can provide the following services for a company:
A. Provide the “linked” email addresses.
B. Provide “linked” email addresses along with “linked” postal information (where available) plus any specific available demographics.
C. Implement a targeted opt-in email retargeting campaign (using client’s email creative) based on MSNI’s SmartIP Service.
D. Return to the client the following data elements listed below.

Example Record:

Client provides Facebook handle: shuntington354

MSNI Returns The Following Data:
Social Handle: shuntington354
Date/Time: 02/08/2017
Email Address:
Operating System: iOS 10
Mail Client Used: iPhone
Platform: Mobile
Connection Ip Address:
Connection City: Nashville
Connection State: TN
Country: USA
Latitude: 36.1627°
Longitude: 86.7816
Connection Provider: Comcast Cable Communications

Following fields where available (if desired)
First Name: Scott
Last Name: Huntington
Address: 456 Triangle Road
City: Nashville
State: TN
Zip: 37204

SmartLinking is able to provide valuable linkage information, since companies are only able to capture the handle from the “like” and use it for display retargeting inside of the social platform. SmartLinking is not limited to any particular vertical. It could be used for Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B).

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